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If your child wants to try out for a competitive swim team next Spring, then we’ve got you covered. Being on a swim team can be both rewarding and challenging for both swimmers and parents. Your child will work hard, have fun and make lasting friendships with the other swimmers on their team.



They can set goals, enjoy new experiences, and accomplish things they never thought they were capable of. Here’s 4 ways to get swim team ready.


1. Join our non-competitive swim team

Our non-competitive swim team meets once a week and focuses on refining stroke technique and endurance so your kids are prepared for a competitive swim team. Our swim team coaches have been on swim teams themselves and know how to help kids get the proper stroke technique down.


2. Get the right swimsuit

Function over fashion is the rule when choosing a swimsuit for swim team. If this is your child’s first time going out for swim team, then you will want to outfit them with a different suit than they would wear to the beach. Your child’s swimsuit should be form fitting and stay in place. You also want to pay attention to the fabric. Look for a well-made suit with high-quality materials and one that is treated for chlorine resistance.


3. Gear up

Your child will need some specific gear in order to be successful on their swim team. A good pair of properly-fitted goggles will help provide them with clear vision while protecting against chlorine. A good swim cap will keep hair out of their face so they can focus on the race. Some teams may require specific suits, caps, or goggles, so check with the coach before purchasing your own.


4. Prepare for long meets

Some meets can be long and if your swimmer does well, they can advance further. There are often many breaks between heats, so come prepared with plenty of snacks, water, a blanket or something comfortable to sit on, and entertainment for younger siblings who are watching from the sidelines.


Placer County has many great swim team programs, including the Loomis Basin Dolphins. If your child needs to brush up on specific skills before trying out for swim team, then our instructors can help in our private lessons.