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We love family traditions! Traditions give your children (and you) something to look forward to each year. In the busyness of the fall and holiday season, they can be an intentional thing we do with our loved ones. And while there are so many good ones you probably already do with your family, (hello Apple Hill), here are 5 new ones to start this year.


1. Donate to our food drive

Every year we host a food drive for Placer County Food Bank. It’s a great way to get your kid’s thinking about other people’s needs and teach them that not everyone is as fortunate. We know you’ll give just to give, but we always have a little extra incentive as well!


2. Auburn Pumpkin Nights

Have you checked out Auburn Pumpkin Nights yet? Featuring more than 3,000 hand carved pumpkins, eight different pumpkin lands, a Spirit of the Pumpkins fireshow, and more, this event will not disappoint. Showcasing local artists and giving kids something extraordinary this Fall! Visit for more information.


3. Try winter swim lessons

This may be a tradition you already do every summer, but it can also be done in the winter and has its own perks during the cold season! Our pool is usually less busy so there are more available swim times in the winter, plus, there’s just something about getting into a warm pool on a brisk day! And it can be so fun for kids to swim in the rain. Still not convinced? Check out our winter swim hacks and our Fall promotion happening now.


4. Host a bonfire

There’s nothing like cuddling near a warm fire pit on a cold evening. Reminisce about the time you went camping last summer while the kids roast marshmallows or hot dogs. Whip up a warm caramel fall drink as you enjoy a cozy evening at home with your family before the busyness of the season starts.


5. Create a “giving” advent calendar

Most of us are familiar with an advent calendar, especially the kind filled with a chocolate! Shift your focus and try a giving advent. Each day can be about blessing someone else. Mix up small and large tasks so you get to complete them all. Ideas can include buy someone a coffee, do a chore for your sibling, mail a card to a friend. etc.