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The weather is cooling down (finally) but our pool and facility is kept warm throughout the seasons so your family can enjoy swim lessons all year long. Swimming in the fall and winter months is a little different than swimming in the summer though, so here are our winter swim hacks to help you prepare for the changing weather.

Wear easy shoes or slippers

Putting tiny socks on damp feet can be a struggle. When the weather is cooler, skip the tennis shoes and bring shoes that are easy to slide into such as crocs, slippers or soft boots. Having these for the walk to the showers, and then to the car will save you time and trouble. You can always put socks and shoes on if you’re headed somewhere other than home after lessons.

Know our closure weeks

We close for the week of Thanksgiving and the weeks of Christmas and New Year. Mark your calendar now for these dates so you are prepared. We know the holidays can be busy and we don’t want you showing up to lessons only to be turned away.

Bring a big towel

Our pool is warm (91 to 92 degrees), but it’s cold for swimmers once they get out of the water. Having a big, plush towel to wrap your swimmer in once they are done with lessons will help make the transition easier. Stay inside our tent area to dry off before moving to the restroom to get changed.

Put on pajamas

If you are swimming in the evening, save some of the hassle and get ready for bed here. After drying and rinsing off, change your child into pajamas. They will be warm for the ride home and it’s one less thing you have to worry about in the bedtime shuffle routine.

Double check your contact info

It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while we have to close the pool temporary if there is thunder and lightning close together. We will call you to notify you of any closures. Drop by the office to make sure we have the most current phone number on file so we will be able to reach you.


There are definitely perks to being in lessons in the winter. It’s less crowded, you are able to build upon the skills you learned in the summer, and you can swim on a rainy day!