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swim lesson prep

If you’ve never had your little one in swim lessons before, then you might not know what to expect. Here are six ways that you can prepare for your first swim lesson.

1. Get here early

For your first lesson, aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to your lesson start time. Check in with the office to sign your waiver and we can show you around the facility. You don’t want to be rushing into the pool area right as lessons begin.

2. Bring your child ready to get into the water

Have your child already in their swimming attire and take their shoes off when you enter the pool area. This preps your child mentally and physically for getting in the water and saves you some hassle of changing them quickly before lessons.

3. Pack your bag

Make sure and pack a diaper and swim diaper (if necessary), a towel, an extra bag for wet clothes, shoes, a change of clothes and a snack for your swimmer for after lessons. We have goggles and other pool equipment that swimmers can use during their lesson. If your child prefers his/her own pair of goggles, make sure to pack those too.

4. Take your child shopping for lessons

Let your child go with you to pick out a new towel or swimsuit that is special for swim lessons. This will get them excited for lessons and more prepared for what’s to come.

5. Give them a snack prior to lessons

Make sure your child has had a light snack in advance of the lessons. Some dried fruits or nuts will help maintain their energy levels during the lesson.

6. Talk about lessons at home

Tell your little one that they get to start swim lessons soon and how their new teacher will help them learn how to swim and build confidence. You can read a book about swim lessons or even practice some things in the bathtub.

Preparing your child at home and then coming ready to your first lesson can help set the groundwork for a healthy attitude about swim lessons. After the lesson, give your swimmer lots of positive feedback and encouragement and tell them you’ll be back next week for more fun!