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Just because the weather is cooling down, doesn’t mean our pool is. There are many benefits to staying in lessons during the fall and winter months. Here we list just 7.


  1. Learn important safety skills

Water hazards don’t discriminate against seasons. If you have a pool or have friends or family members with a pool, then water hazards are always present. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States, according to the CDC. But swim lessons can help reduce the risk. We practice important safety skills all year long to keep swimmers safer in and around the water.


  1. Maintain Consistency

If your swimmer is just starting to get comfortable with their instructor and beginning to do well in lessons, don’t stop now. Keeping consistency by coming to lessons every week will help swimmers continue to build off of the skills already learned. Sometimes when kids take a break from a skill they are just starting to learn, they will forget part of it if it’s not practiced consistently.


  1. Improved Cognitive Abilities

Studies show that children who participate in swim lessons early in life tend to do better in school and have improved problem solving abilities and higher IQs. When compared with non-swimmers, some of the benefits of swim lessons are:

    • Better balance, movement, and grasping techniques
    • More advanced cognitive and physical development
    • Increased overall efficiency in brain processes
  1. Take advantage of more availability

In the Spring and Summer it can be tricky to get the exact time spot that you want. But in the Fall and Winter there is more availability. You can lock in your desired day and time and hold onto it throughout the year. Come Spring, you’ll be secured in your very desirable time.
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5. Develop confidence

Regular weekly swim lessons help develop confidence in students by encouraging them to overcome fears and achieve goals. Our little swimmers become more calm and comfortable in the water, and build confidence through overcoming challenges, increasing their belief that they can do it!


  1. Get A Free Casual Lesson

We know schedules get crazy busy around the holidays and kids are more likely to come down with an illness. That’s why if you swim with us from Nov 1–Dec 31, 2016 and miss one lesson, you will get one voucher that you can use toward one casual booking—at no extra charge. See more details here.


  1. It’s fun!

There are few other activities that are both fun and teach kids safety skills. Keeping your swimmer in year-round lessons allows them to get physical activity and have a lot of fun learning a lifesaving skill.