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Can you believe summer is almost here? Before you know it, the sun will be blazing away and the kids will be out of school. It’s time to start planning for your summer now! We have seven ways you can get ready for the season.

1. Start a summer bucket list

Sit down with your family and make a list of all the fun things you want to do and accomplish this summer. It can include small, fun activities such as “a trip to the zoo” and larger, more elaborate plans, like “family trip to Disneyland.” You can also include tasks and chores you’ve been wanting to tackle. You can turn your list into a large poster board and cross things off as your family does them. Make sure “take swim lessons” is on your list!


2. Keep activities handy

Beat summer boredom by having plenty of at-home activities kids can do when you aren’t out and about. Include arts and crafts supplies, workbooks, books to read, card games, and more so kids can grab something from the box and be entertained for a little while.


3. Take swim lessons

During the summer months, there are so many opportunities to be in and around the water. Make sure that your kids have the basic swim and safety skills needed in order to enjoy the season. We offer sessions, where kids come for two weeks straight to get a jump start on their swimming skills, or once-a-week lessons so you can start and end lessons at your convenience.


4. Get library cards

Take your kids to the local library and sign them up for library cards. Then, let them pick out one or two books to rent that they can read this summer. Once they’re finished with those, take them back to get more.


5. Maintain some structure

It’s easy to throw all structure out the window for summer break, but having some routine and structure can help kids with the transition. You can plan meals around the same time as when kids are in school and set a waking up time that lets kids sleep in, but not sleep through the day.


6. Have a well-stocked summer kit

Stock up on first aid supplies, sunscreen, bug repellant and chapstick so you have it ready to go for those summer months. This way you won’t have to run to the store every time you’re ready for an adventure.


7. Exchange phone numbers with other parents

Kids will likely want to see some of their friends during the summer break. Exchange phone numbers with other parents so you can get the kids together. For kids who might be out of touch all summer, have your child write to them on a postcard about their summer break and mail it.