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We always stress how important it is to practice swimming skills outside of swim lessons. And if you have a pool, you can do this several different ways.

But what about those of us without a swimming pool in our backyard?

There are still plenty of ways that you can practice swimming skills, even without a swimming pool, Doing these things in between lessons can help your child pick up their swim skills quicker. Many of these can be done in the bathtub or on land.

#1 – Blow bubbles

If your child is timid about putting their face in the water to blow bubbles, then they can practice this with a fun trick! Get them a glass of milk and a straw. Have them blow bubbles through the straw and watch the milk “bubble.” 

#2 – Arm Movements

Good arm movements are a must for learning the basic swimming strokes, but can be tricky to do with the resistance of the water. Have your child do the “monkey, airplane, squeeze” while laying on their bed or the ground so they can get used to the movements.

#3 – Jump Ins

Have your child practice jumping over a broomstick or other item so they can practice jumping farther out. This is a fun game and will help them to get used to jumping in the water.

#4 – Pour overs

Use a cup or pitcher to pour water over their head while they’re in the bathtub. This helps them get used to water being on their face.

#5 – Scoopers

While they’re in the car, have them practice “reaches”. Parents and kids love this one because it is good practice and helps those car rides pass.

#6 – Breathing

Practice humming with them. Hummmm then take a big breath. This can improve their breathing.

#7 – Kicks

Get them to lie face down on a couch or bed and cover them with a blanket. Have them practice their kicks under the blanket. We even use the term “under the blanket” in swim lessons!

#8 – More Bubbles

Have them blow bubbles in the bathtub and then turn their head to listen for fishies. Putting their ear in the water can prep them for rollovers and eventually side breath.

Kids are always learning! Try these fun and simple ways to help them practice their swimming skills, outside of the water.