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Summer is officially here! And if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, then you’re likely to throw a swim party at least once this summer. Hosting a swim party can be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Here are 8 tips to make sure your party goes off with a splash!


1. Manage the guest list

While it’s fun to have big celebrations, keep in mind that the more people attending the party, the harder it will be to ensure everyone’s safety. There are extra risks when water (and children) are involved. Keep your number of invitees manageable so everyone who attends can have a fun and safe time.


2. Set the pool rules

Setting expectations upfront ensures that guests know the rules and helps you relax during the event. Make sure kids know not to rough play or run around the pool or water areas. Encourage guests to keep toys out of the pool area when it isn’t in use, and to keep the poolside area free of cups, plates, toys, and other objects that could cause little ones to trip.


3. Provide goods for guests

Have a table set up with sunscreen, bug repellent, snacks and drinks. Having this base station will make it easy for guests to rehydrate, refuel and reapply as needed. Ice cold drinks like water and lemonade will keep guests refreshed as they splash around. Snacks like popsicles and watermelon will keep kids and adults cool and hydrated. If you want to go the extra mile, have a stack of towels, kids life vests and cheap sunglasses available to guests as well. Keep this area clean and well stocked throughout the party.


4. Have plenty of adult supervision

It’s important that children are supervised in a pool at all times. The responsibility of watching the pool can be shared by multiple sober adults throughout the duration of the party. Taking turns watching the water allows you to socialize when it’s not your turn and ensure that children are still safe. Another option is to hire a lifeguard or two for your event.


5. Have clear sight lines

Remove any large rafts or floats before the party. These can make it difficult to see a child who might get caught under one or has slipped under the water’s surface. Keep a clear vision of the pool in all areas, at all times.


6. Get CPR Certified

Hosting a party at your house comes with a lot of responsibility. Being a good host means everyone leaves your party safe. Just in case there is an emergency, we recommend getting CPR certified. Having the peace of mind that you would know what to do in an emergency is worth it! We offer CPR Certification at Sea Otter, or you can take a class through the Red Cross.


7. Double check your homeowners insurance policy

There is extra risk when when guests come to your home to swim. Make sure your homeowners insurance is up to date and has the proper coverage for property damage, bodily injury and medical payments. Make sure that your pool is included in the coverage as well.


8. Have fun!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! It’s a big responsibility to keep guests and kids safe and enjoying themselves at a pool party, but with some planning and work, it can be worth it! Make sure to sit back, relax and enjoy the party as well!