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See What Others are Saying About Sea Otter Swim Lessons!

Very Grateful to Sea Otter!

Our family has been going to weekly lessons at Sea Otter for the past 5 1/2 years! We have been blessed that Miss Melanie has taught three of our children how to swim. Miss Melanie is patient, compassionate, nurturing, and fun. She has a special gift of working with children. She has a special ability to help children feel comfortable and safe. My three children have always LOVED going to their lessons with Miss Melanie over the years. They always look forward to their lessons and literally run into the facility filled with excitement when it is their turn. My youngest child actually cries in sadness when his lesson is over because he has so much fun with Miss Melanie.

My 6 year old recently completed his second year of being on a local competitive swim team. He was recently chosen as the recipient of the team’s coach’s choice award because he improved so much this past year. We feel that Miss Melanie taught all our children the necessary life-saving swimming skills so that they can not only be able to swim independently in the water but also be able to successfully complete swim races with confidence.

I have recommended Sea Otter as well as Miss Melanie to many of my friends over the years because I believe in their philosophy and their ability to teach young children the difficult task of learning how to swim. I am forever grateful to Miss Melanie for teaching this important life skill to my children.

Lastly, the facility is clean and user friendly. The front office is always friendly and accommodating. They have excellent customer service and they always return my phone calls right away. Thank you for a great experience over the past 5 1/2 years!

The Lastinger Family

Sea Otter Love

There is no other place like Sea Otter and the instructors make it the best place for your child to learn to swim. My son was five months old when I first heard about Sea Otter and enrolled him in the Parent/Tot class. I attribute my son’s love of water and his ability to swim to the staff.

At five months, we had Teacher Lauren. She made the class fun and introduced my son to the love of water and the pool with skills and songs. We continued going year round and by 1 ½, he had graduated from the Parent/Tot program and was ready to be on his own. It was then that he met Teacher Rissa. Larissa was the most patient person. For six weeks straight, she tried everything to get that toddler to calm down and regain his love for the water that he had when we were in the pool together. I was ready to give in and put him back in the Parent/Tot class, but she wouldn’t give up. And then one evening, something clicked and he stopped crying.

From then on, it didn’t matter what schedule I had to rearrange or how far we have to drive, he had to have Teacher Rissa. She taught him water safety, kickers, scoopers, floating, roll over, diving, and the part he enjoys the most, the slide at the end. We have continued to come year around for the past 5 years. At 5 ½, I’m proud to say that I’m confident that my son has gained enough swimming experience that he is “water safe.” It doesn’t matter how tired he is or what a rough day he may have had, now that he is a big boy kindergartener, he still always wants to come to see Teacher Rissa. With the skills he’s gained, he just completed his first kids triathlon and swam 25 yards unassisted. Not only was he proud of himself, but also as a mom I was so proud of him. He’s come so far and we’re not going to stop. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sea Otter and I definitely appreciate all that everyone has done for my son.

Lori H.

HUGE Fan of Sea Otter and the Staff!

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to coach Leslie and coach Brad for their willingness to change things up to work with my kids. My oldest is actually having the hardest time with his swimming, due to some core-muscle weakness he’s had since he was a baby. I talked to Leslie who was VERY open and she really went out of her way to make things the best for all three of my kids. Coach Brad is also an amazing coach and took a lot of time to work with Drew and his issues. He took further time out of his schedule to talk with me about the particular issues Drew has and explained, in detail, his plan to overcome those. I just can’t thank Leslie and Brad enough for going above and beyond, and being willing to rearrange their schedules and lessons to help out my kids the best they could. This great experience has made me a HUGE fan of Sea Otter and the staff there. Please pass along my info to anyone who would like to know how much Sea Otter can help them and their family!


Had a Positive Impact in Our Lives!

We can’t thank you enough for working so hard and gently to teach Addison how to swim. He has come so far, it was wonderful to watch. To go from crying (first 6 lessons) to the confidence he now has. I tribute this to the patience, demeanor, knowledge, skill, and efforts of his instructor. Thank you for having such a positive impact on all our lives.

Debbie & Mel

Love Sea Otter!

My son just turned 5 but we started him at Sea Otter when he was 4. Always fascinated with water, we knew he needed to learn to swim in case he decided to take the plunge. At first, he was hesitant to put his face in the water. He did not know how to float. And unless he could touch the bottom, he did not feel comfortable in the water. It has been 5 months since we started him at Sea Otter and the change is incredible! Not only is he able to maneuver to the edge when he jumps in, he has learned some of the basic swim techniques and is no longer afraid to go underwater. We took him to the lake for 4th of July and he was amazing! (with a life vest on of course!) He had no fear of swimming out with the rest of us in the lake and was using his “scoopers” and “kickers” just like he was taught at Sea Otter.

Recently a friend of mine wanted to get her son into lessons and I told her about Sea Otter Swim Lessons. There is no other place that I would consider taking my son and I wish everyone would bring their kids here! The instructors are fun and friendly. The pool is perfect and they even have a slide! (My son really loves it when he earns slide time during instruction.)

We have decided to keep our son in year-round lessons because of the growth we have seen in his ability. Plus, the people at Sea Otter are like family now and we would be sad if we could not see them every week!

Thanks to everyone at Sea Otter Swim Lessons for all your hard work, dedication, and knowledge! We love working with you!

The Ahearn Family

Toddler Swimming Lessons

I have twin three-year-old girls who began lessons at Sea Otter this April. Now, in their sixth month of lessons, they have both made such outstanding progress, especially considering we don’t have our own pool at home to practice. I am now confident that if they should fall in a pool, they have the skills to get themselves out. Both of their teachers, Nancy and Kenny, have been amazing, fun, patient and consistent. They have never missed a lesson and the girls LOVE coming every week. The location is beautiful. The pool and facility are clean and safe, and the staff is very friendly. I have nothing but good things to say about Sea Otter Swim Lessons.

Cyndi K.

Children Come First at Sea Otter!

My grandson took lessons at Sea Otter Swim Lessons. We quickly realized that Sea Otter would not only teach swimming and water safety skills; but do so in a fun, safe environment with the focus being what was best for our grandson. His lessons were a wonderful experience in which he was excited to learn. Thank you Sea Otter for providing a place of excellence where children come first.

Johnny's Grandma

My 18-month Old Loves Teacher Cindy!

Every morning my son goes to his bottom drawer and pulls out his swim trunks. He brings them to me and repeats “Cindy, Cindy” over and over again. (It is one of the few words he knows.) I made a scrapbook of Aiden and Cindy swimming together. It is his favorite book!


Mom to 18-month-old Aiden

My Little Sea Otter!

I am a extremely proud to say that our family is a part of Sea Otter Swim Lessons! I have been impressed with this school, their instructors and the customer service from everyone in the office from day one! I started my son Zachaary in the parent/tot class when he was only 16 weeks old (the earliest they would let me) and he is now almost 28 months old. At first I didn’t see much progress but Teacher Natasha kept telling me to just stick with it and he will start showing progress! You know what? She was right! By six months old he was a pro at sticking his face in the water and doing his “ready blows.” By a year he knew the whole routine–kicking, scooping, and doing his humpty dumpty’s! We even started taking him to our neighbor’s pool to practice with him more often. Teacher Natalie was a great addition for Zachaary in parent/tot! She encouraged Zachaary to start trying more advanced moves and just this past June, he finally started to do his back floats ALL BY HIMSELF! Of course he is only two and there is tons more for him to learn and we are looking forward to his private lessons with Teacher Jordan that he just started this month. Another great example of how much Zachaary has learned, we recently let him fall in the swimming pool at the neighbors (four adults sitting close by so we could be sure nothing would happen) and he did exactly what I wanted to see him do with no help! It is the most comforting and amazing feeling to see your child in the water and know that he knows what to do if and when he falls in. He knows to turn and grab for that wall! Thank you Sea Otter for the last 2 years of fabulous learning experiences and making my son safe in the water! We Love you all!

The deBrito Family

Started Swim Lessons to Make Bath Time Better

I took my granddaughter to swim lessons to make bath time more enjoyable. Washing her hair was a nightmare! I never would have dreamed that 2 months later she would be swimming underwater and jumping into the pool by herself. I’m so grateful to her instructor for encouraging me to stick with it (after several lessons of screaming). Now bath time is fun!! My family (& our neighbors) love Sea Otter.


The Instructor Really Made a Connection with My Son

Dylan, 8-year old, took lessons at Sea Otter for over a year. Every week his instructor would end the lesson with the same question, “hug or high five?” Dylan would always give her a high five. One day as he was leaving the pool, he turned around, ran back to his instructor and gave her a big hug. I stood on the pool deck in tears. At that moment I had realized the connection she had made with my son. His instructor called me that night to see if I was ok. I explained to her that Dylan had never given anybody a hug before, beside his dad and I. Then his instructor began to cry. Dylan trusted her and felt loved by her and he loved her back.

Happy Mom

to 8 year Old Dylan