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Are you an adult who is fearful of swimming or the water?

We believe it’s never too late to learn how to swim or to overcome your fears. Whether you have been scared of the water for a long time, or you just want to learn the basic swimming strokes, our swim lessons can help you.

The adult swimmers in our swimming pool are unique and their reasons for being in swim lessons are just as varied.

Just recently, we had a young man who was joining the Navy and needed to learn better stroke technique, a terrified older woman who hadn’t entered the water since she was a young girl, and even one of our own staff members who started working in our office and wanted to learn how to dive. The reasons for adults taking swim lessons are just as different as the individuals themselves!

Some Reasons Adults Take Swim Lessons At Sea Otter:

    • To swim with their grandchildren
    • Training for a triathlon
    • Wanting to overcome a fear of water
    • Getting ready for boating season
    • Going on a water vacation
    • Getting scuba certified
  • Cross an item off their bucket list

Our private adult swim lessons give individual, focused attention so that we can help you accomplish whatever it is that your goals may be. We start with a short questionnaire to asses your level of comfort in the water and then work with you from there.

Our highly trained instructors work closely with each swimmer to reach their individual goals in a warm, caring environment. So, whether you want to overcome a fear or you want to learn the butterfly stroke, our instructors are committed to working with you. Give us a call at 916-660-9492 to learn more about our adult swim lessons.