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Having a baby is certainly one of life’s greatest joys, and one of its biggest challenges. These tiny creatures require special care, extra attention and lots of love to ensure they thrive in their infant days.


Putting a baby in swim lessons might seem silly to some. After all, your six-month old isn’t going to be swimming laps across the pool anytime soon. But simple things we do in swim lessons can benefit babies inside and outside of the water. Read on to learn more!



Bonding with your baby is essential for baby’s development. Babies respond to skin-to-skin contact and understand touch as early language. The skin-to-skin contact parents and babies get in our parent tot lessons is soothing for both you and baby and promotes your baby’s healthy growth and overall development.


Make bath time more fun

Some babies can’t stand the bath or having water poured over their heads. Swim lessons can help! Lessons help show baby that being in the water is a fun and enjoyable experience and this can later translate to a more fun and enjoyable bath time.


Improved Cognitive Functioning

Want your baby to grow up with increased spatial awareness, better language development and reading skills? Then, start swim lessons!


A study of over 7,000 children by the Griffith University in Australia found that children who participated in swim lessons were more advanced in mental development compared to their non-swimming peers.


The bilateral cross-patterning movements used in swimming help your baby’s brain grow. Cross patterning movements, which use both sides of the body to carry out an action, build neurons throughout the brain, which facilitates communication, feedback, and modulation from one side of the brain to the other.


Increased Confidence

As children interact with you, the swim instructor and other children during the lesson, they learn to function in a group setting as they learn new skills. This helps build their comfort level in social settings and increases self-esteem.


Furthermore, a German study found that children who had swim lessons from 2 months to 4 years were better adapted to new situations, had more self-confidence, and were more independent than non-swimmers.


In addition, your little one will learn important water safety skills at each lesson. Swimmers as young as four months old can start reaping the benefits of participating in our swim lessons. Give us a call today at 916-660-9492 to register your precious little one!