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At Sea Otter Swim Lessons, we believe improving ourselves is the greatest investment of our time while investing in others is the greatest reward.


We strive to be experts in our field and educate those around us. After all, we want to teach the best swim lessons in the Greater Sacramento area!


We also strive to continuously learn and improve in our industry. We embrace opportunities for ongoing education, change, and professional growth.


Quarterly Staff Trainings


We train staff quarterly so employees are able to practice new techniques and learn additional teaching methods.


At our February staff training, Ailene Tisser, MA, PT from Angelfish Therapy trained our staff on the 14 most common roadblocks experienced by children with sensory, motor, and learning challenges and how to tackle them. 


Feb Staff Meeting





Training Techniques Applied and Results!

 Since the training, we have implemented new techniques and strategies to help our swimmers be successful in learning to swim and developing confidence.

After the training, one of our instructors, Teacher Lynda, was able to apply specific techniques for one of her adaptive swimmers. The swimmer came to Lynda hitting and kicking. Our training manager, Cindy reminded Lynda that the swimmer was sensory. Lynda applied what Aileen had recommended about tight hugs—that some students seek out sensory stimulation and enjoy deep pressure like tight hugs. After just a few minutes of hugs the swimmer had calmed down completely and Lynda even had him laughing! His grandparents were so happy!


We love to make a true difference in our swimmer’s lives and stories like this remind us that it happens often!


Annual Industry Conferences

Staff members also attended the Cal Elite Summit last December so we can stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends.


At the Cal Elite Summit, our staff focused on the issues and opportunities of our unique industry.





We Encourage Our Swimmers to Be Students

We see learning as a lifelong goal. We want to encourage our swimmers to constantly be learning as well—in and out of the water. We want to reward our swimmers for being avid students as well! During the month of June, bring in your report card with all A’s and B’s on it and the office staff will give you a treat!


Keep up the great work swimmers and we will too!