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Joining a swim team can give kids many benefits and be incredibly rewarding. It gives them the chance to be part of a team, build camaraderie, improve skills, get consistent physical activity, set and strive for goals, and have a lot of fun!

Kids having fun at the swimming pool

Our non-competitive swim team, The Stingrays, is great exposure to swim team for children ages 6 to 14. The Stingrays Swim Team is also a way for swimmers to keep in shape and train year-round for summer recreation swim teams.


If your child is thinking about trying out for a recreational or competitive swim team, The Stingrays is a great place to start.


How Does Swim Team Work?

We have two swim team levels. Intermediate and Advanced. Your child will come to swim team once a week, at the same time each week.


Intermediate Swim Team

Swimmers in our intermediate swim team will work on perfecting their technique in freestyle and backstroke and building up their endurance. They will also be introduced to the butterfly and breaststroke as well as flip turns.


If your child is currently in lessons with us and at a Sea Otter or Dolphin level, then the Intermediate Swim Team might be a great fit for them.


Advanced Swim Team

Swimmers in our advanced swim team will continue to work on stroke refinement in all four strokes: freestyle, back, butterfly and breaststroke. They will also learn starts and turns and swim Individual medleys—all while building endurance.


If your swimmer is currently in lessons with us and at a Great White or Killer Whale level, then they might excel in our Advanced Swim Team.


Lifelong Memories

Being on a swim team is an individual and a team sport. Swim team will teach your child confidence, motivation, and perseverance. Swimming competitively is hard work and lots of fun, and will give your child wonderful lifelong memories.


Registration for The Stingrays Swim Team opens up Monday, July 18 and Swim Team starts Sept. 5  for Intermediate and Sept. 7 for Advanced. The first day will be a tryout to make sure your child is a good fit for swim team. Call us at 916-660-9492 to register.