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Having a love for the water and swimming can sometimes come with a price tag. Spending a lot of time in the water can cause various effects on our skin, hair, and eyes. Luckily, our upgraded water system helps minimize these ailments. Still, here are the most common ones you are likely to experience from spending copious amounts of time in the pool and how to treat them.


Irritated Skin

Swimmers can get itchy, dry skin or a rash from spending a lot of time in the pool. Always make to sure to rinse off with clean, fresh warm water after swimming and then pat dry. Put on clean clothes and rinse off your child’s swimsuit with clean water each time. If skin is particularly sensitive, try applying a lotion without alcohol to the skin after drying off to help seal in moisture.


Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear can happen when water stays in the ear canal and bacteria grows. It is not the same as a middle ear infection. Symptoms include itching and ear pain. You can help your little one from getting swimmer’s ear in the first place by having them tilt their head and shake out excessive water after exiting the pool. If your little one does get swimmer’s ear, they should stay out of the water until it clears. If your child gets a middle ear infection, it’s usually okay to continue with lessons once symptoms have subsided and they are not having diarrhea from antibiotics. Always check with your child’s doctor to be sure.  


Red or burning eyes

Kids can get red or burning eyes with increased exposure to irritants or chemicals in pools. If your swimmer is prone to getting irritated eyes while swimming, have them wear goggles to help prevent this. After lessons, rinse their eyes with warm fresh water or use saline eye drops to provide quick relief.


Brittle hair

Frequent swimming can strip hair of its oils, causing dry and brittle hair. Prevent dry brittle hair from swimming by washing off to remove buildup. Use a neutralizing shampoo and a leave-in conditioner to restore moisture. Wearing a swim cap while in the pool can also help prevent drying.