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Swim Diaper Policy

All children under the age of 4 must wear the correct swim diapers in order to enter the pool.

All ages who are not potty trained

Must wear 2 layers: a reusable swim diaper from iPlay or similar brand and an outer cover from Splash About.

All children under 4 years old, who are potty trained

Must wear 1 outer swim cover from Splash About until they are 4 years old.


Why Do We Require This?

  • Fecal matter can cause bacterial contamination and health risks to our swimmers & staff.
  • When there is a fecal, we close our facility for several hours to get back to health code standards. Lessons are cancelled, which disappoints our swimmers and is expensive.
  • Warm water and exercise can stimulate digestion. Even potty trained swimmers can have an accident during swim lessons. 

The New Swim Cover

  • Designed to move with your baby/toddler as they kick and splash, with no gaping, the new swim cover fits snuggly on the waist and thighs, with special fabric forming a secure seal that holds in solids.
  • Adds extra protection in the case that your swimmer goes to the bathroom during lessons, it will stay contained within the cover.
  • Sizing runs a little big. Visit our office to see sizes.

Tips for Making the Transition

  • We call it a swim cover and not a diaper, because even big kids wear it!
  • Show your child the new cover and explain that they have to wear it at swim lessons.
  • Give yourself enough time to put the new cover on before lessons.
  • If your child is potty trained, take them to the restroom before lessons.
You can purchase swim diapers in our office. Diapers sell for $16 each.

Other Swim Lessons

baby swim lessons

Parent Tot

Ages 4 months–2.5 years

Parent Tot lessons provide a fun and foundational time for parents and infants in the pool.

Swim lessons for kids

Private Lessons

Ages 4 months to adult

Private lessons are great for new swimmers, fearful swimmers, or those who want individual, focused attention.

Swim lessons for kids

Semi-Private Lessons

Ages 4–16 years

Semi-private lessons teach cooperation and teamwork. Swimmers work together in semi-private lessons.

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Lessons

Ages 16 years and up

From fearful, non-swimmers, to those wanting to learn the competitive strokes.

swim team

2 Week Session Classes

Ages 4 months - adults 

Our two week session classes gives your swimmer accelerated learning with 8 lessons in two weeks. These are offered in the Spring and Summer.