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Superhero Values












At Sea Otter Swim Lessons, one of our core values is “Be a Hero”. We strive to be heroes in our swimmer’s eyes and we aim to make our swimmers feel like heroes as well.

Super Swimmers

Your little swimmers are absolute heroes to us! They conquer new fears every day as they learn to go underwater, back float, dolphin kick, and dive. They work so hard during swim lessons and always show such bravery!

We reward swimmers as heroes with encouragement, praise, high fives, and smiles. We truly want your child to feel like a hero when they have accomplished something great in swim lessons.

Superhero Moms and Dads

Our Sea Otter families are heroes! You juggle so many things: work, errands, schoolwork, swim lessons, soccer, family time, and so much more!

You value your child’s safety and overall development. We truly think it is heroic to care about your children and family as much as you do.

We want to be Your Hero

We believe we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in other’s lives, so we strive to make a big difference in the lives around us. We aim to connect with others to unlock their potential and inspire them to become better.

We try to find the little or big things that make someone’s day. This could include giving a swimmer a ribbon for doing a backstroke for the first time, or helping you find a new time that works better for swim lessons.

Join us Sept 14-19 as we celebrate Superhero Week at Sea Otter! We will have special superhero crafts and activities to make your child feel special all week!