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At Sea Otter Swim Lessons, we aim to treat everyone like they are family. Whether it is one of our swimmers, a parent, or a staff member—each and every person who walks into our facility, walks into our family. We want to welcome you with genuine warmth. We want to demonstrate an ongoing interest in people and their lives. We believe family sticks together!


One of the newer members of our family is Salty the Sea Otter!


Salty joined Sea Otter last May. Salty with logoNow that he is a part of our family, we also want him to be a part of your family!


This Summer, we want Salty to join you on your family adventures and have the chance to win some prizes in the process!



Introducing our Fun with Salty contest!


  1.  Print and cut out Salty. You can print him at actual size and glue him to a popsicle stick for better handling.


  1. Take Salty with you on different adventures. It can be going to the park, grabbing an ice cream cone, going on a family vacation, or reading a new summer book! Whatever it is you are doing this summer, bring Salty along!


  1. Take a photo of Salty and you doing the activity and post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #funwithsalty. Make sure to also tag @seaotterswim so we are sure to see your photo! (The photo can include Salty and you, or just Salty).


  1. Each week we will select a new photo and give the person who took it a surprise!

We will run this contest beginning June 1 through Aug 1 so keep sending in those photos as you will have many chances to win!


Salty is excited to go on new adventures with you and get to know the Sea Otter extended family even more!


Here are some adventures he had of his own recently and examples of things you can do with him too!