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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should we do and expect on the first day of lessons?
Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your first lesson. This allows your swimmer to adjust to the new surroundings and give you time to get checked in. Check in with the office when you arrive. We will have a form for you to sign and will show you around the facility. Our instructors have their classes and swimmer’s names, and will call your swimmer’s name when class is starting. Please wait to enter the pool area until your child is called.
What can I do if my child cries at lessons?
It is not uncommon for a new swimmer to cry during his or her first lesson(s). Remember, they are in a new environment with a new person, and you are not right there. It can be helpful to talk to your child about swim lessons at home. Acknowledge your child’s fear and use phrases such as: “I know you are scared but your teacher will keep you safe.” Also, if you know other families who take lessons at Sea Otter it can be helpful to share that with your child. “Did you know that Suzy and Michael also go to swim lessons at Sea Otter?” If your child cries on the first day, know that they are in good hands. Our instructors are trained to begin a positive routine that works well with kids of all ages. We have found it is best if you walk your child to the teacher then find a seat where your child can see you. Together we can make swimming a fun and successful experience! Please come talk to us in the office if you have concerns about your swimmer’s adjustment to lessons. Remember they are learning a life saving skill! Read our blog post here for more tips!
How soon can I expect my child to swim?
Every child develops differently and learns at a different rate. Our main goal with swimmers is to have fun and experience success. The learning curve for young children fluctuates. One day will seem like great success and the next may seem as if they have regressed. This is perfectly normal for children learning a new skill. Each child is given the instruction and support from our staff to progress as quickly as possible.
What happens if I miss a lesson?
If your swimmer misses a lesson for any reason, your family will get passes to our Family Swim. This is good for all immediate family members and two additional guests. There is no limit to the number of family swims you can receive. For example, if your swimmer misses three lessons, your family will be receive three nights of Family Swim. You must call the office at 916-660-9492 to reserve your spot for Family Swim.
What if I am running late for a lesson?
If your swimmer arrives late to lessons, the instructor will teach for the remainder of the assigned lesson time. Lessons will not be extended to accommodate late arrivals. Please notify the office if you are running late to your lesson.
Do you offer classes for those with special needs?
Yes! We are extremely proud of our Adaptive Aquatics Program! We provide high-quality swim lessons to children and adults with special needs, taught by specially trained instructors. Learn more.
Do you offer a military discount?
Yes, we offer a 5 percent discount for each swimmer for those families serving in the military. It is a small way for us to say “Thank You” for your service!
How do I register for lessons?
Call us at 916-660-9492 or visit us in person at 6151 Brace Road in Loomis and we will help you find a time and day that fits your schedule and register your child for lessons.
Do you offer refunds or credits?
Due to scheduling and operational costs, we are not able to offer refunds or credits for missed classes. In the event of a closure for a fecal accident or a weather-related closure, a class credit will be placed on your family’s in-house account (these credits do not expire).
How do I withdraw from lessons?
To withdraw from lessons, fill out this form on our site. We require a 30 days’ notice in order to withdraw from lessons.
How do I change my swim lesson day or time?
You may change your swim lesson day or time by talking to our office staff. If your desired day and time is unavailable, we can put you on our wait list and let you know as soon as openings become available. You can also check back with us as often as you would like for your preferred class time.
How do I pay for lessons?
Sea Otter will receive payment on the first of each month by means of Direct Debit for the amount of lessons in each month. If payment by check or cash is chosen, payment will also be due no later than the first of each month.
What benefits do children receive from swimming?
There are so many benefits to having your child in swim lessons!
  • Swim lessons promote a healthy lifestyle and strong foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in water sports and recreation.
  • Lessons provide a platform for achieving goals and building confidence when new skills are learned.
  • Improvement in children’s coordination, strength, balance, and muscle development.
  • Participating in Parent/Tot classes can be a special bonding experience with your child while setting the important example of a healthy attitude about the water.
  • Swim lessons encourage important social skills such as following instructions, interacting with others, waiting their turn, group participation, teamwork, and taking praise from others.
  • Read more about the social and neurological benefits here.