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SaltyIntro (1)We’d like to introduce you to Salty, the newest member of our swim family!

After holding a ‘Name Our Otter’ contest, where nearly 300 entries were submitted, the name Salty was chosen! Get to know Salty a little bit more and be sure to check him out when you are at lessons!

Started at Sea Otter: May 2014

Swim experience: Mostly the chilly pacific up and down the California Coast.

A little bit about yourself: I’m obsessed with the show Wipeout. I’ve memorized all of the contestant times and winners for every season. Sign me up for Wipeout Trivia!

As a pup, what did you want to be when you grew up? A killer whale, of course! Doesn’t every sea animal want to be a Killer Whale? I ate a whole bucket of clams the day I realized that was never going to happen.

Favorite thing about working at Sea Otter: The smiles on the swimmer’s faces!

Favorite Disney character: Lilo, from Lilo and Stitch. Her heart is tied to the ocean just like mine and she is a sweet little surfer like me.

Favorite things to do in your spare time: Going to the beach surfing, abalone diving. The water is my life! I love it!

What inspires you? All the swimmers around Sea Otter and their love for the water inspire me. And, those little swimmers who show so much bravery even when they are scared!

What is your life goal/aspiration? I want to set the record for longest back float and see my name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

What excites you most about being at Sea Otter? I can’t wait to meet all the swimmers! I’m also really stoked to go down the slide!