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Wondering what to get the swimmer in your life for Christmas this year? Instead of buying them another pair of goggles or a bathing suit (although those both always come in handy), we have some new and unique gift ideas that your little fish will love!


A high-quality water bottle

Swimmers need to stay hydrated while practicing and don’t want their drink warming up on the sidelines. Water bottles such as Hydroflask, Yeti, or S’well promise to keep drinks cold even in mega-high temperatures, so swimmers can enjoy cold water when they need it. These water bottles claim to keep drinks cold—or hot—for up to 24 hours. They come at a higher price tag than other water bottles but have a cult following, so they must be worth it! Find more water bottles here.


Waterproof phone case

If you are in or near the water often, chances are your phone is too. Protect it with this waterproof phone case. It protects your phone from sand, dirt, and dust, and guarantees water protection up to 15 feet. The clear display allows you to still see the controls on your device and use it when you’re near water, so you can message your friends after you hit a new PR.


Ultra-fast dry towel

These innovative towels dry quickly and have an odor-resistant technology so swimmers can use them frequently. The compact towel is perfect to pack up and take to lessons, swim meets, camping and more. The price tag is a bit steeper than your average beach towel, but its compact size and fast-drying technology may be worth the investment.


Swim lessons

Whether your little one is just starting out, or has been swimming on a team, they can benefit from our private lessons. Not only do we focus on water safety for the littlest of swimmers, but our private lessons mean that more experienced swimmers can benefit as well. Sign up your swimmer so they can refine their butterfly stroke or improve their endurance. Or, you can purchase a gift certificate from the front office as well.


Good shampoo, conditioner and body lotion

Swimmers’ hair and skin is often sacrificed when they are exposed to chlorine water frequently. A high-quality shampoo can help remove chlorine and chlorine odor, and hydrate and heal itchy dry hair. Body lotion will replenish skin and help relieve symptoms of eczema.


Swim hair ties

Keep hair out of your swimmer’s face with these hair ties. These ties are cute, inexpensive, and won’t leave a crease on your little one’s hair. At $8.50 for a five-pack, they are the perfect stocking stuffer.


Kids poncho towel

Make changing a breeze with these poncho robe towels. Kids can cover up and keep warm while maintaining some privacy with this large microfiber towel. You don’t have to worry about looking for a restroom while at the beach or holding up your own privacy towel. The large hood also helps them warm up quickly and protects them from the sun.