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stress-free vacation

School is almost out and we bet you are counting down the days until that final school bell rings. (We know we are!) With the warmer weather and the routine-free schedule up ahead, we are hoping that you’re planning a vacation (or two, or three) for you and your family.


Vacations should be relaxing, fun and full of making memories. And while parenting is rarely without some stress, here are a few tips to help minimize that stress when vacationing with little and big ones this year.


Plan your travel times around sleep times

If taking a long road trip, plan to leave at night and let the kids sleep in the car. If it’s a shorter trip, leave around nap times. You’ll avoid car fights and “are we there yets?” as well as multiple bathroom pit stops.


Airbnb It

Forgo the traditional hotel room and stay at an Airbnb or VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner). Both options are someone’s private home or vacation rental where they rent out their entire home or spare rooms to guests. Renting a home with a kitchen and additional rooms means you can cook most of your meals at home, have snacks on hand, put the kids in their own space, and save yourself some money. And all of that adds up to less stress!


Go with grandparents or another family

Bringing the grandparents with you or another family with kids will help give you and your spouse a break. You can trade off watching the kids with the other family or enlist the grandparents to watch them for a few hours so you can enjoy some much needed grownup time.


Get them in swim lessons pre-vacay

It’s not fun to go to a destination with a lake, beach or swimming pool and be completely nervous about your little one around the water. Get them registered into a swim session before your vacation so they can acclimate to being in the water and learn some basic water safety skills.


Plan a home day before and after

If you can, give yourself one day off before the vacation to finish laundry, pack, etc. Then give yourself a day after you get home from vacation to recuperate. Try not to come back on a Sunday and send the kids to daycare Monday morning. Ease back into your routine with a lazy day once you arrive home.


What are some of your tips for a stress-free vacation with kids? Leave us a comment on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win a $15 Starbucks gift card. Coffee is something everyone can use on their vacay!