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parent tot lessons to private lessons

Ready to transition your little one from parent tot lessons to private lessons? Whether your little one has reached the age cap (30 months) of being in parent tot lessons or they have just mastered the skills they’ve learned, it’s time to make the switch.

Here are some tips to make the transition a little easier for everyone!

1. Have someone else bring them the first time

If mom is typically the one who gets in the water for parent tot lessons, have dad bring them to their first private lesson. Since they aren’t used to getting in the water with dad, it will make it a little easier when they go into the water with a new instructor, instead of their parent.

2. Try to transition over a break 

If you have a break from swim lessons, either from a vacation or one of our holiday closures, look ahead and plan to make the transition after the break. Having a short break in between lessons can help little ones with the change.

3. Talk about it at home

Even young toddlers understand so much more than we realize. Talk to them about the change at home. You can tell them “Mommy usually goes swimming with you, but today it’s going to be with Teacher __ instead. Your teacher will keep you safe and include fun time at the end of your lesson!”

4. Bring something familiar

Let them bring a familiar toy from home to show their swim instructor. This helps the two of them bond and makes the transition a little easier. If their instructor knows they love cars, they can use that as a means to connect with your child, making the transition easier for your child as well.

5. Expect some tears

Even with preparation and planning, your little one still might have a hard time with the change. Expect them to cry a little but know that they will get used to swimming with their new teacher. Keep coming to lessons consistently and soon enough the tears will stop.

Wondering if your little one is ready to make the transition to private lessons? Here are some great signs they may be ready to switch. You can also ask your parent tot instructor to see if they think your little one might be ready.