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At Sea Otter Swim Lessons, we have eight different levels that make up our learn-to-swim program. Each level is represented by a water creature. The levels are:


Frog, Crab, Fish, Piranha, Sea Otter, Dolphin, Great White, and Killer Whale


We are excited to announce that we have new characters that represent each level!


Last May, we introduced our Sea Otter mascot, Salty. Salty is also the new face of our Sea Otter level and has some friends that he would like to introduce to you. Please welcome these new friends as part of our new Sea Otter family!












We would like your help in choosing names for each of these new characters! Stop by the pool deck April 13 through April 27 and put your idea for a name in each of the character’s bucket.


We will choose new names and each swimmer who contributed a winning name will win a $5 gift card to The Yogurt Shop!