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Sea Otter Swim Lessons has some exciting news!


After more than 18 years with our previous logo, we felt the time was right to create an updated image to reflect our company. Our goal was to create an updated visual identity that was clean, bubbly, and fresh! We are very excited with the result and we hope you are too! So, here it is!




We also have this version when it works better to do a horizontal logo as opposed to a stacked logo:



And one other version, to be used in places where space is constrained:



We will be rolling out this new logo online and throughout our facility over the next several months. You’ll see this logo replace the old one immediately in some spaces, while others will take a little longer to get updated. And in some cases, the old logo will always be a part of Sea Otter, like on the pool wall near the slide!


The Story Behind the Design

When approaching the redesign, we didn’t want to lose the important qualities of the previous logo. The new logo still includes a water wave but we updated the wave to be more modern and creative. We kept a similar main font to that of the old font to represent the enthusiasm we have for our swimmers and for our business.


The blue color palette symbolizes trust, security, and confidence. Trust is the foundational building block in the relationship between instructors and swimmers and we are committed to building trust with each swimmer through consistency, patience, positive language, and follow through. We also want you to have the security and confidence in us that we are providing a safe and fun learning environment for your little swimmers.


One significant change in the logo is the removal of the otter. While we love the otter and feel it is an important part of Sea Otter, we felt there were too many design elements with the previous logo. We wanted to maintain a more simplified look. We will continue to include Salty the Sea Otter on other branded items. Be on the lookout for him in the coming months!


This is an exciting time for us! We thank you for your continued support of Sea Otter Swim Lessons and are excited for this next move in our business! We hope you enjoy the simplicity and elegance of the new design as much as we do!