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Why Sea Otter

Our private and semi-private lessons give swimmers individual, focused attention, allowing them to learn skills quicker than in traditional group classes.

Our instructors provide clear, consistent and caring instruction. We create an environment where your child feels safe enough to try new things and accomplish goals. We delight in the opportunity to love, invest in, believe in, build up, and teach each swimmer who comes to our pool.

Our History

Sea Otter began as a backyard swim program more than 30 years ago in Southern California. In July 1999 we opened our Loomis facility on Brace Road, after owners Paul and Rebecca Sassenrath were settled in the Loomis area.

With a passion to see every potential swimmer become safe and enjoy the water, Rebecca developed a teaching method that took each individual’s unique characteristics including physically, mentally, and emotionally into account. From babies to older adults, and all levels of abilities, it was her intent to see each swimmer enjoy the water safely. The building blocks included comfort in the water, breath control, balance and buoyancy, and fun.

Our program still begins with these basics and continues with developing and refining techniques so that all swimmers can reach their full potential in the water.