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As parents we know that you aren’t just concerned with one aspect of your child’s health but their entire well-being. Physical growth is just as important to you as their social and emotional health. We know that seeing your child succeed in life, no matter the challenges they encounter, is your main objective as a parent.


Here at Sea Otter, we’re not only committed to teaching your child lifesaving swim skills, we truly care about your child’s whole development. That’s why we’re making our whole year’s theme and focus ‘The Whole Child.’ We want to share with you the the benefits of swim lessons as it pertains to your child’s social and emotional health, neurological and early childhood development, and physical health.


When your child participates in swim lessons they gain many social and emotional benefits. As your child masters new skills they will gain the self confidence needed to tackle new projects. Facing their fears in the water will help your child see what they are truly capable of, and help to shape and build their character. Swimming lessons also provide a child with some of their first social interactions, with both peers and teachers, which is great preparation for school.



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Participating in swim lessons enhances a child’s neurological development, helping to fine tune motor skills and balance. Children who participate in swim lessons early in life tend to do better in school and have improved problem solving abilities. Having this leg up in development aides your child for years to come.


Childhood obesity is effecting an alarming number of families these days. Having your child participate in swim lessons is a great way to keep them active and start a long term, healthy lifestyle. Your child will be enjoying a healthy lifestyle, all the while having fun. The water is a great way for those children who can’t participate in traditional sporting activities to get exercise and stay healthy.


We are excited to dive into the concept of “The Whole Child” more in depth throughout the year and share with you how important learning swim skills now as a child can impact your child for years to come. There are so many benefits of learning to swim as a child, which is why we are dedicating an entire year to sharing all of them with you. If you would like to sign your child up for swim lessons, or talk with one of our team members to learn more about how swim lessons could benefit your child, please give us a call at 916-660-9492.