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You might have your child in swim lessons at Sea Otter in order for them to learn how to be safer in the water and learn lifesaving swim skills. But did you know that participating in swim lessons at Sea Otter can also enhance your child’s neurological development?


Studies show that children who participate in swim lessons early in life tend to do better in school

and have improved problem solving abilities. Learning swim skills early on can impact your child for years to come!


How Your Child’s Brain Develops


Your child’s brain begins forming very early in life and continues to develop through the course of their lifetime, but is especially impressionable in these early months and years.


As a baby moves and interacts with their world, the neurons in their brain develop connections or synapses. The more communication that there is between neurons, the more capable the child becomes of learning. A baby’s brain can be molded by the growth of these new connections.


Multiple studies show that swim lessons can accelerate your child’s development, not only physically and emotionally, but intellectually as well. When compared with non-swimmers, some of the benefits these studies found include:

    • Higher scores for intelligence and problem-solving
    • Better balance, movement, and grasping techniques
    • More advanced cognitive and physical development
    • Increased overall efficiency in brain processes
    • Statistically higher IQs


Benefits for Children with Special Needs


Additionally, for individuals with special needs, swim lessons can offer great advantages in neurological development. Our adaptive program has been specially designed and can benefit children with a range of special needs.


Some benefits that swim lessons can offer children with special needs include developing motor skills, increased attention span, helping regulate the sensory system, and helping children with motor planning and sequencing difficulties with coordination.

At Sea Otter, we carefully create lessons to nurture your child’s development. Our instructors are trained to work with each swimmer and their caregivers to develop a personalized plan so that they may make necessary adaptations or modifications to lessons.


Throughout the following months we want to show you how specific movements and learning affect neurological development and how swim lessons can influence that development in your child.


Our goal is to help each swimmer push past their physical, cognitive or neurological challenges to be successful in learning to swim, learning water safety, developing confidence, increasing fitness, and having fun!