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Swimming is a great exercise and can be especially beneficial for those who have physical limitations or have suffered injuries.


Swimming uses all the major muscle groups including shoulders, back, abs, legs, and glutes. It can strengthen, condition, tone, and provide cardiovascular exercise and help build lean muscle.


For individuals with asthma, cold, dry air can trigger an asthma attack and can interfere with their ability to exercise during colder temperatures.


The Asthma and Allergy Foundation promotes swimming as a good exercise for individuals with exercise-induced asthma, because the warm, moist air found in indoor pools can improve their ability to breath during exercise. Furthermore, the moist air above the water reduces the physiological changes that lead to an asthma attack.


According to a report by Wang Jeng-Shing from the Taipei Medical University swimming can also increase lung volume, helping someone with asthma develop good breathing techniques.



Children and adults can both get arthritis. Exercise is essential for those suffering from arthritis because it helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis and improves strength and flexibility.

Swimming is a great activity for individuals with arthritis because it uses all of the major muscles and reduces joint pain without putting weight on the joints. As we discussed in our September blog, the buoyancy of water reduces the stress and pressure on joints and gives individuals a greater range of motion than land.


Injuries and Pain

Swimming can also relieve certain types of aches and pains. It is often prescribed to injured athletes in order to maintain their fitness level or to individuals who experience back pain. Swimming backstroke can help loosen up and strengthen the back.


Again, the resistance of the water makes the muscles work without the strain or impact that is experienced on land.

Whether you have an injury or physical limitation, there are so many benefits to swimming. We believe that swimming is a beneficial activity that people can do for life. Our instructors are trained to work with all ages and all abilities and our desire is to help you reach past your physical goals.