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baby swim lessons

Voted Best Swim School!

Voted Best Swim School in Sacramento by Parent Magazine Readers. Our secure and loving approach benefits swimmers of all ages.

Sea Otter Swim Lessons private swim lessons give swimmers individual, focused attention, allowing them to learn swimming and safety skills quicker than in traditional group classes.

We are committed to providing an environment where your child feels safe enough to try new things and accomplish goals. We pride ourselves on providing quality swim lessons and teaching children and adults how to be safer in and around the water water.

Swim Lessons

baby swim lessons

Parent Tot

Ages 4 months–2.5 years

Parent Tot lessons provide a fun and foundational time for parents and infants in the pool.

Swim lessons for kids

Private Lessons

Ages 4 months to adult

Private lessons are great for new swimmers, fearful swimmers, or those who want individual, focused attention.

Swim lessons for kids

Semi-Private Lessons

Ages 4–16 years

Semi-private lessons teach cooperation and teamwork. Swimmers work together in semi-private lessons.

Swim lessons for kids

Adaptive—The Aqua Stars

Ages 4 months to adult

Our adaptive swim program has been specially designed to benefit children and adults with a range of special needs.

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Lessons

Ages 16 years and up

From fearful, non-swimmers, to those wanting to learn the competitive strokes.

swim team


Ages 4 months and up 

Our two-week sessions run in addition to our perpetual program and teach swim and safety skills in an accelerated time.

What Others Are Saying About Sea Otter

The Best Swim Lessons!

We can’t thank you enough for working so hard and gently to teach Addison how to swim. He has come so far. It was wonderful to watch. He went from crying (for the first 6 lessons) to being a confident swimmer. I attribute this to the patience, demeanor, knowledge, skill, and efforts of his instructor. Thank you for having such a positive impact on our lives!

Debbie & Mel

My 18-month-old Loves Teacher Cindy!

Every morning my son goes to his bottom drawer and pulls out his swim trunks. He brings them to me and repeats “Cindy, Cindy” over and over. (It is one of the few words he knows.) I made a scrapbook of Aiden and Cindy swimming together. It is his favorite book!


Mom to 18-month-old Aiden

Children Come First at Sea Otter!

My grandson took swim lessons at Sea Otter. We quickly realized that Sea Otter would teach swimming and water safety skills in a fun, safe environment. His lessons were a wonderful experience! Thank you Sea Otter for providing a place of excellence where children come first.

Johnny's Grandma

Started Swim Lessons to Make Bath Time Better

I took my granddaughter to swim lessons to make bath time more enjoyable. Washing her hair was a nightmare! I never dreamed that 2 months later she would be swimming underwater and jumping into the pool by herself. I’m so grateful to her instructor for encouraging me to stick with it (after several lessons of screaming). Now bath time is fun!! My family loves Sea Otter Swim Lessons!


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Six Reasons to Take Parent Tot Swim Lessons

It might seem silly to take your little one to the pool before they can even walk, or crawl, but there are many benefits to starting infants in swim lessons besides the adorable swim diaper you get to buy. Here are six! 1. Bonding Swim lessons give you an opportunity...

Donate to our Fifth Annual Food Drive

This year we will be hosting our fifth annual Food Drive with the Placer County Food Bank. We love seeing our swimmers bring in foods to give to those in need. You might think of our county and surrounding counties as an affluent area, but for 1 in 8 individuals...

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  We had such a fun event at our Under the Sea {Otter} Party! Thank you to The Fairy Godmother Events, Chick Fil A Granite Bay, Frozen In Time Shaved Ice, and our lovely face painters and hair braiders––who are also Sea Otter Swim instructors–for making this such...

Sometimes a teacher change is a good thing

      We try to keep things as consistent as possible for our swim lessons, but sometimes change happens. Change is an inevitable part of life. We want our little ones to learn resiliency and be able to roll with the punches when life throws change...