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practice swimming



Like anything in life, the more you practice, the quicker you will pick it up. Swim lessons are no different and the more you are able to sneak in practicing skills here and there, the better your kids will be able to perform in the pool. Here are four ways you can practice swim skills outside of your regular lessons.


In the pool

Of course, if you have access to a swimming pool, this is the easiest and most convenient way to get in some practice time. Going into the pool a couple days a week and having kids practice the same skills they are doing in lessons can be very beneficial. Try and set some designated time aside where they aren’t using floaties, so they are learning the skills and not relying on devices. We sell some of our teaching tools including noodle boats and barbells in our office so swimmers can use the same equipment at home.


At Family Swim

We have Family Swim every Saturday where families can get in the water and show off the skills they have learned in lessons. Some of our teaching toys are available for swimmers to use, so they can practice the kicks they’ve been working on with their instructor, or their back floats with mom by their side. Family Swim is reserved for our missed lesson policy, so if you miss a lesson, take advantage of using your pass!


In the bathtub

If your swimmer is in one of our lower levels such as the Frog or Crab level, there are some skills that you can practice with them right in your own bathtub. We created a video to show parents simple skills that can be done. Skills like blowing bubbles, pour overs and back floats can all be practiced in a tub and be beneficial in helping swimmers pick up skills quicker.


Out of the water

There are even some things you can do outside of the water in order to help kids work on those swimming skills. For kids who are just learning to climb, you can practice safe water entries and exits on the couch. Let them get up and down with your assistance.
You can also practice kicks either on the couch or on the ground. Have your swimmer lie on their belly and kick their legs without bending their knees. Practicing straight legs at home can help them transition to straight legs in the water.