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Amy Motroni does branding and marketing for Sea Otter and is taking swim lessons with one of Sea Otter’s instructors. Read about her adult lessons here!


When I first started working at Sea Otter Swim Lessons, I felt a little like a fraud.

Here I was working at a swim lesson business (disclaimer: not as a swim instructor), and I didn’t even know how to swim well myself.

I don’t have any water fears. But whenever I am in a pool or the water, I just kind of doggy paddle around, tread water, and float.

As a kid, I was in group swim lessons off and on during the summers. I even had two weeks of swim instruction in high school where we focused on swimming different strokes and diving. But I never had the one-on-one attention where someone showed me proper techniques and then watched as I practiced.

So, when one of my favorite swim instructors (and people) came back to work at Sea Otter (Teacher Jess), I decided it was time to sign up for lessons and learn this skill that I would be promoting to others.

At first, I was a little nervous about what the staff might think. Would they also peg me for a fraud? Would they judge me for not knowing how to swim as a grown adult? But everyone was so excited and encouraging that it just amped me up even more.

I wasn’t sure what to expect my first lesson. I had juxtaposing emotions. I was excited to learn a new skill and yet nervous that it would be too difficult. I hadn’t been successful before, what made me think I would be successful now? But then again, I never had private lessons with someone I trust.

Stay tuned next month for Part Two to see how Amy’s first lessons went!