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We have developed our own swim program using our background in childhood education and update it regularly based on the United States Swim School Association. This combination helps make our swim lessons different than other swim lesson programs. And, if you’ve visited our facility, then you know that our pool and system is also quite unique!


About Our Pool: Salt Generator System & Ultraviolet Sanitizer

Swimmers are much less likely to experience the common problems that come with swimming in a chloramine pool when they take lessons with us. Symptoms such as burning eyes, coughing fits, miserable environment, and that overwhelming pool smell on their skin have been reduced greatly since we updated our system.


Our upgraded water system uses natural salt chlorine, reducing the need for chemical chlorine and provides great benefits for swimmers and the environment. It is safer on swimmer’s skin and hair, and provides a more consistent sanitation process.


Our evacuator runs year round and pulls the chlorinated air off the top of the water to ensure fresh clean air is circulated throughout the tent.


Our deckhands are constantly checking our facility, making sure it is clean and safe for families. They regularly monitor the pool chemicals and temperature to ensure swimmers are safe and comfortable in the water.

About Our Tent









We aren’t quite an indoor or outdoor facility, but can change with the seasons. Our pool is completely enclosed during the winter months with a tent that covers the entire space, effectively making it an indoor pool. Our HVAC system runs throughout the winter months keeping the tent area warm and swimmers comfortable before and after lessons.


As the weather warms, our new tent sides raise up and the top opens up, allowing the sun in and giving it the feel of an outdoor pool. We keep the water at a perfect teaching temperature of 92º throughout the year.


We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and well-kept facility to keep all of our swimmers safe and happy.