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session swim lessons or perpetual swim lessons

During the Spring and Summer, we offer two different swim programs at Sea Otter Swim Lessons. Read below to see the differences between the two programs and see which one is right for you!

Two-Week Session Swim Program

Our two-week session program runs March through August. Two-week sessions are designed to give swimmers quicker results in a shorter time.

Each session is 8 lessons Tuesday–Friday for two weeks, allowing your child to learn safety and swim skills in an accelerated time.

Sessions can be a great option if you are going on a vacation and need your swimmer to learn swim skills quickly. Sessions can also be beneficial if your swimmer wants to brush up on their swim skills before trying out for a recreational swim team such as the Loomis Basin Dolphins.

Sessions are offered in 20 and 30-minute private lessons as well as 30-minute semi-private lessons. See the pricing here.

Perpetual Swim Program

Our perpetual program is perfect for busy families who can’t commit to coming each day for a session.

Our weekly program allows for more flexibility in your schedule, creates consistency, and maintains skills swimmers have already learned.

We find a lesson time that is convenient for you and you come each week at that same scheduled time. Your child will be able to build trust with their instructor and will gain confidence to try new skills in the water!

Perpetual lessons are offered in parent tot, 20 and 30-minute private lessons, and  30-minute semi-private lessons. Prices can be seen here.

Registration is always open for perpetual lessons.

Call us at 916-660-9492 for any further questions or to get your child signed up today!