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Six Tips to Prepare for Swim Lessons













Starting something new can be intimidating or scary for a child, especially swim lessons. But it can also be very exciting! Here are some tips to help you and your swimmer so their first swim lesson at Sea Otter makes a big splash!

  • Get Excited. Get your child excited for their first lesson by doing some fun preparation. You can read books about swim lessons and water safety or go shopping for a new swimsuit and towel. You can also visit our staff page on our website to show your child who their swim instructor will be and see what the the two of them have in common.
  • Be Aware of Your Own Attitude about Lessons. Your child takes cues from you. You can help prepare them by having a positive attitude toward swim lessons. If you appear nervous or uneasy about your child starting swim lessons, your child will pick up on those non-verbal cues.
  • Come early. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early on the day of your first lesson. This will ensure you have enough time to park, check in with our office, and wait by the pool for the swim instructor to call your child’s name.
  • Bring your child ready to swim. Have your child in their swim clothes before entering the facility. This will help them mentally and physically prepare for getting in the water. Once you enter the pool area, all they’ll have to do is get in the water!
  • Be Their Cheerleader. Sit and watch your child’s lesson from our benches. When the lesson is over, be ready with a smile, some encouraging feedback, and a towel. Find something specific about the lesson to praise them for, such as, “I saw you were listening to your teacher very well,” or “Wow, you had some really great kicks!”
  • Stick With It. It can take a few lessons for your child to get comfortable with their instructor. If your swimmer had a tough first lesson, know that it is not uncommon and it will get better. Our instructors are prepared and excited to work through any nerves or fears your swimmer may have. We are committed to you and your swimmer and hope that you will be committed to coming back.

Together we can make swimming a fun and successful experience! Please come talk to us in the office if you have concerns about your swimmer’s adjustment to lessons. Soon enough your child will gain trust with their instructor and start making big waves in the water!