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There are social benefits to swim lessons including building self-esteem, and promoting positive social interaction.

Boys swimming

We all want our children to experience happiness in life. The ability to develop social relationships directly correlates to our perceived happiness later in life. It’s also an important part of early childhood development.

Here’s a quick peek at children experience social benefits through swim lessons.

Parent/Tot Classes

Parent/Tot classes deepen parent/child bonding and foster healthy attachment. Movement, laughter, and fun all come together to stimulate a baby’s nervous system, cementing the positive social feelings he or she experiences during a lesson.

Trust in a parent deepens, as does the ability of a child to trust the instructor. This can be a helpful cue in social development, especially around ages 6-12 months when separation anxiety begins to set in.

Private Lessons

As confidence and independence grow, we recommend moving from a parent/tot class into a private lesson. Here, kids can spread their wings and try new things with the safety net of a trained, and caring instructor.

Little boy in private lessons

Emotional growth is exponential, as students bond with their teacher, and continue to develop water safety and swimming skills.

Learning how to overcome frustration with perseverance and a positive attitude is such an important life lesson. It’s rewarding to see the discipline and self-control learned in private lessons, carry over into the home and classroom.

Semi-private Lessons

Little boys in semi-private lessons

Semi-private lessons teach cooperation and teamwork. Learning new skills with others helps kids realize that each person has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Kids work together in semi-private lessons. They play games, practice water safety, and ultimately learn to encourage one another, respect individual differences, listen, and cooperate in a group setting.

At Sea Otter, we’re honored to play an important role, in both your child’s swim and water safety skills, and in their social and behavioral growth.

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