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For children ages four months to 2 ½ years old, we have two swim lesson options.


Parent Tot

Our Parent Tot lessons are perfect for babies and toddlers who are just starting out in swim lessons.


Lessons cover water exploration, breath control, water movement, and safety skills. We use songs and games to help children feel safe while discovering the foundations of swimming.


Benefits of Starting in Parent Tot

Participating in Parent Tot lessons can be a special bonding experience with your child, while helping establish a healthy attitude toward the water. Skin-to-skin contact strengthens the bond between you and your little one. When you hold your baby in our warm water singing and playing, you are physically connecting to your child as they learn water confidence and skills.

Parent Tot swim lessons









Private Lessons

Children as young as four months old can also start out in a private lesson, where they are in the water 1:1 with an instructor. Instructors will work to build trust with your little swimmer while teaching them valuable water safety and swim skills.


Benefits of Starting in Private

Children in private lessons are 1:1 with an instructor so they get 20 or 30 minutes of individual, focused attention. After children get past the initial water anxiety, they can progress quicker in private lessons because they are continuously practicing with their instructor throughout the lesson. Private lessons are also ideal for parents with multiple children, or parents who may not want to get into the water with their swimmer.


Some parents may feel that their swimmer is too young to be in a private lesson, but we practice safety skills in our lessons so that even the littlest of swimmers can pick up. You might be surprised to see how young infants and toddlers can pick up the skills.


So whether you decide parent tot or private lessons are right for your little swimmer, make sure to get them signed up in lessons as soon as possible. Learning swim skills early on can impact your child for years to come!