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We know schedules get crazy busy around the holidays. Family is in town, there’s shopping to do, and so many end-of-year holiday parties. On top of that it seems one of the kids is always getting sick during this time.

We want to encourage our families to stay in swim lessons through the holidays so that kids can continue to build off the consistency they have already learned. We also want to alleviate some of the pressure of making it to all of the events during this time.

If you swim with us from Nov 1–Dec 31,2016 and miss one lesson, you will receive one free casual booking in January. This way if you can’t make it to every lesson, you will get one free lesson in 2017.









The free lesson will be issued on families’ accounts in January and can be used for one casual booking in January or February 2017. One voucher per swimmer will be rewarded in lieu of family swim.

This offer is only good from Nov 1–Dec 31, 2016 and cannot be combined with any other offers such as Groupon. Maximum of one lesson will be issued per swimmer. If you miss more than one lesson, you will get passes to Family Swim for the remaining lessons.

Beginning January 1, 2017 we will go back to our standard missed class policy of receiving a Family Swim pass for a missed lesson.