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Amy Motroni does branding and marketing for Sea Otter and is taking swim lessons with one of Sea Otter’s instructors. Read about her adult lessons here!


When I decided to sign up for swim lessons, I expected it to be a big to-do. But it was actually simple. I got in the water and we began!


The first lesson was too much fun! Getting into that warm water was a breeze. I see why we keep it so warm!


At Sea Otter, we use the part/part/whole as our teaching method, which means swimmers learn one skill at a time. We’ll start with the legs, add the arms, and then put it all together with breaths.


Teacher Jess started me with kickers and a barbell. Right away I learned to keep my feet above the water, so my whole body wouldn’t sink. I had been kicking wrong for years, not knowing how important that was!


Once I learned the feet part, we added the arms for the freestyle stroke. Again, I knew the stroke (or I thought I did) but had been doing it wrong for so long! The way Teacher Jess showed me (shorter arm movements) was much easier and faster than how I always thought it was done.


She then took away the barbell and had me practice the stroke as a whole, using pop up breaths. (Side breath would come soon enough). Learning through the part/part/whole method was definitely helpful. Once all of the techniques are put together, it is a lot for us swimmers to focus on!


We practiced freestyle several times and then did similar sets with the backstroke.


We tried some knee dives at the end. I have never been able to dive, no matter how many times people have showed me. After my first lesson, I still don’t have it, but I am hoping in a couple more lessons I will!


I left my lesson feeling accomplished. Twenty minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but I was tired at the end of the lesson and my brain and body can only focus on so many new skills. I imagine our swim kids feel similar! I had a lot of fun and was excited for the future lessons!