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Swim Lessons

We have a lesson type that's right for your swimmer.

Swim Levels and Skills

See How Swimmers Progress Through Our Program

We have eight swim levels within our program. Swimmers will be placed into a swim level depending upon their ability and comfort in the water.

Each level is made up of five skills. Once a swimmer successfully performs a skill in three consecutive lessons, they master that skill.

After a swimmer has mastered all of the skills within a level, they will pass that level and move onto the next.

Each time your swimmer masters a skill or passes a level, you will receive an email announcing the new skill attained or level they passed.


  • Caterpillars
  • 5 Second Let Go
  • Supported Back Float
  • Rollover Breath (Assisted)
  • Humpty w/Return (Assisted)


  • X Float
  • Kick w/Aids
  • Back Float
  • Rollover Rockets (Assisted)
  • Jump In w/Return (Assisted)


  • Kanga Hops (3ft)
  • Torpedo Kicks (Width)
  • Back Kicks (Width)
  • 4 Big Arms w/Rollover
  • Push Offs


  • Jumping Jack Arms
  • Elementary Backstroke
  • Backstroke Arms
  • ½ Rollover Rocket
  • Knee Dive w/Return


  • Shallow-Deep Bobs
  • Dolphin Kick
  • Backstroke (Long Lap)
  • Freestyle w/ Side Breath
  • Stand Up Dive


  • Sculling
  • Whip Kick
  • Butterfly Arms
  • 6 Kick Switch
  • Platform Dive


  • Eggbeater
  • Breaststroke Arms
  • Butterfly
  • Freestyle w/Rhythm
  • Open/Flip Turn


  • 2-Minute Tread
  • Breaststroke
  • Individual Medley (25 yards each)
  • Endurance Freestyle Swim (100 yards)
  • Racing Dive

Swim Lessons

baby swim lessons

Parent Tot

Ages 4 months–2.5 years

Parent Tot lessons provide a fun and foundational time for parents and infants in the pool.

Swim lessons for kids

Private Lessons

Ages 4 months to adult

Private lessons are great for new swimmers, fearful swimmers, or those who want individual, focused attention.

Swim lessons for kids

Semi-Private Lessons

Ages 4–16 years

Semi-private lessons teach cooperation and teamwork. Swimmers work together in semi-private lessons.

Swim lessons for kids

Adaptive—The Aqua Stars

Ages 4 months to adult

Our adaptive swim program has been specially designed to benefit children and adults with a range of special needs.

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Lessons

Ages 16 years and up

From fearful, non-swimmers, to those wanting to learn the competitive strokes.

swim team

2 Week Session Classes

Ages 4 months - adults 

Our two week session classes gives your swimmer accelerated learning with 8 lessons in two weeks. These are offered in the Spring and Summer.