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kids playing good for development

Being a kid is child’s play! But the truth is for kids, playing hard is hard work. Those little minds are soaking everything up and play is an important part of how they learn.

Play contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and helps their minds develop. It may look like it’s all fun and games, but the wheels are turning in their minds and they are constantly learning!

We like to play a lot while kids work in their swim lessons. Playing with your kids helps our instructors build trust with them and can reduce your little one’s anxiety about being in the water.

How we do it

Your swimmers work hard during their lesson, but they shouldn’t feel like the lesson was all work and no play. Like other physical activities they enjoy, it may wear them out but can still be enjoyable. Activities like songs, games, and toys make our lessons fun but also add to the learning environment.

Sing, Sing, Sing

Music can help kids retain information and enhance learning. Adding songs throughout our lessons helps swimmers have fun and also ensures they will remember safety skills and swimming drills.

Most little ones in our lessons are familiar with the Humpty Dumpty song. We practice this at an early age and often in swim lessons. As swimmers sit on the edge of the pool, we sing Humpty Dumpty. As swimmers “fall” into the water like Humpty Dumpty did, we direct them back to the wall. Correlating the song and the skill helps make it all more memorable for the swimmers.

Water games and water toys

Incorporating fun and games into our lessons helps your child feel safe as they learn new skills. These games can include swimming to a toy, using your “ice cream” scoopers, diving for a ring, or trying to beat your last swim time. All of these help build trust and ease swimmers anxiety over swim lessons.

Ending with fun

Each swim lesson is usually ended with a minute of “fun time.” This can include going down the slide, squirting the instructor with water, or grabbing a special water toy. Sometimes this might be the most fun of the lesson or sometimes it’s just the cherry on top of an already fun time! Our goal with the minute of fun time is to end the swim lesson on a positive note. We want little ones to leave Sea Otter with a warm fuzzy feeling, and parents too!