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We try to keep things as consistent as possible for our swim lessons, but sometimes change happens. Change is an inevitable part of life. We want our little ones to learn resiliency and be able to roll with the punches when life throws change their way.

Many of our instructors are college students or young moms. And while we enforce a strict attendance policy and aim to hire quality candidates who will be with us long term, sometimes teachers miss a shift or decide to move on from teaching with us.

There will be times when we have to change the instructor for your class or give you a sub for the day. We hope you won’t hold this against us and can see it as an opportunity for your little one to branch out and embrace the change. Together, we can make these transitions a little smoother for our swimmers.

Seamless transition

We always try to give you as much notice as we can when a new instructor is taking over a class. We have a list with photos of all of our instructors so you can show your swimmer who their new instructor will be. This can help them get acquainted with the new instructor before coming to lessons. Our electronic tracking system shows which skills and level your swimmer is working on, so they can pick up right where they left off.

Build trust

We know change can be scary for your little one, so our instructors work hard to build trust with them. We do this by singing songs, playing with a new toy, acting silly, and trying to keep as much of the lesson the same as possible to win them over!



We believe that children learn best when instruction is clear, consistent, and caring, no matter who is teaching the lesson. All of our instructors go through our in-house training, where they learn how to coach swimmers in the water and give swimmers specific feedback. So if a sub or new teacher takes over the class they have the same curriculum and training as your previous instructor.

Switching it up

Although each instructor has the same training, we do give them creative freedom within their lesson plans. Sometimes it can be a good for your swimmer to see a different approach to torpedo kicks or getting into the back float. If your swimmer is in a rut, sometimes a fresh perspective can be just what they need to progress.
We dislike teacher changes as much as you do but know they are an inevitable part of our business. Let’s work together to make your swimmer comfortable in the water, no matter who their instructor is. If you have any concerns about a teacher change, don’t hesitate to call us or talk to us in the office.