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You know you want your kids to learn water safety and how to swim, but how do you find a good swim program? We know we aren’t the only swim program around, but we do strive to be one of the best! When comparing different swim programs, make sure you look for these things.


Quality Instructors

The swim lessons your child receives are only as good as the instructor teaching them. Instructors should be CPR and First Aid certified (all of ours are) and go through a quality training program. At Sea Otter, our instructors complete 26 to 30 hours of in- and out-of-water training so that everyone is equipped to teach lessons the Sea Otter way. We also require instructors to have additional training to teach any of our specialty lessons, including adaptive and parent tot.


Class Size

Private lessons allow instructors to meet the child where they are. Lessons can be uniquely tailored to fit each child’s needs and skill level. So whether your swimmer is fearful and clingy, or wants to master the butterfly, our instructors can help them reach their goals. Private lessons means it’s all about your swimmer!


A Clean and Comfortable Facility

When comparing programs, note the cleanliness of the facility. Are the pool, deck, and restrooms cleaned and maintained? Pride in one’s facility shows pride in the overall program. What about the temperature of the water? Is your child comfortable and able to relax and learn? Little ones can’t practice swimming if they are shivering the whole time!



Seek out sites like Yelp, Facebook and Google Plus to see what others are saying about a swim lesson business. Talk to friends who have swam there before and see what their experience has been. Choosing a swim lesson program that has been around for several years will also help ensure that they have the experience and knowledge to help teach your kids how to swim.


We aim to teach the best swim lessons and be the best swim program in the Placer County area! Give us a call if you have any questions about getting your little one signed up for lessons.