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Summer may be over but it’s still important to keep your family active and healthy throughout the fall and winter seasons.


Having kids participate in hobbies that keep them active help encourage self expression and discovery and builds confidence and self esteem.


Luckily, we live in an area that has many family-friendly activities for your kids to enjoy all year long. We’ve compiled our favorite ones for you here.


Self Defense

Self defense classes helps kids learn balance, discipline, and strength while staying active. Classes at Kovars and Innovative Martial Arts teach kids respect, focus and goal setting. Indoor classes make it so that kids can participate throughout the year.


Swim Lessons

Your kids can enjoy swimming all year long in our heated pool. Our weekly perpetual lessons give kids the consistency they need to maintain and build on the skills they learned in their summer swim lessons. Swimming is wonderful exercise and can be a great activity even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Kids can set goals and work to achieve them with their instructor each week.



Much like swimming, gymnastics not only offers physical benefits such as improved flexibility and increased coordination, it also helps improve mental focus and concentration. It’s a healthy hobby for the body and the mind. There are several gymnastic centers in our area, including Extreme Gymnastics and Tiny Tumblers.


Sports Teams

Being part of a sports team teaches kids teamwork, social interaction, cooperation and camaraderie. Whether your child wants to be on a soccer, swim, baseball or cheer team, there are many benefits to letting them join. Kids will learn respect for opponents, teammates, and officials—all while working toward a common goal and having fun.



It’s free, requires minimal equipment and is something kids can do in their own neighborhood, weather permitting. In addition to the physical benefits that running provides, it can also boost confidence, reduce stress and can help kids improve in other sports. The whole family can enjoy running together and as a perk for parents, there isn’t much you need to buy for your kids to enjoy it besides a good pair of shoes.