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If your child joined our session program, then chances are they are making great waves in the pool. Our session program gives kids swimming instruction and practice each day, so they can quickly learn new skills.













Once your session ends, your time at Sea Otter doesn’t have to! After completing a session, it is a good idea to get started into our perpetual program, where you come once a week to swim lessons. Your child will be able to continue to refine the new skills they learned during sessions and develop new skills as they go through our swim program.


Why Do Weekly Swim Lessons?

Keeping your child in lessons year round will help maintain the skills they already learned and allow them to develop new skills in the water. We don’t want them to forget everything they just learned by not getting to practice with an experienced instructor on a regular basis.


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Teaching More Than Swimming

Along with improving technique and endurance, your child will also learn self discipline, confidence, and social skills in our swim lessons. In our weekly program your child will have the same instructor each week and will be able to really develop a bond and trust with that instructor. They can continue to set and reach goals, refine stroke technique, and have fun!

Our pool is warm so you can stay in lessons even when it’s cold outside. Perpetual lessons are always ongoing so you can start and end lessons at any time. Just give us a 30-day notice if you need to withdraw from your lessons completely, so we can open your spot to another swimmer. We offer private, semi-private and parent tot lessons all as part of our weekly program.

Give us a call at 916-660-9492 or stop by the office to sign up once your session has ended!