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Over the next few months our teachers will be transitioning to a new paperless system.


What this means:

Teachers will be using IPADs out on the pool deck to:

    • see their schedules
    • to record attendance
    • to update skills and levels


Tracking Swimmers Progress

When a swimmer masters a skill:

    • an email will be sent out notifying you of the skill your swimmer mastered

When a swimmer graduates a level:

    • the swimmer will be given a level ribbon at their lesson
    • an email will be sent notifying you of the level graduated


Why we are so excited about this

We are so excited about transitioning to this new electronic system because of the multiple benefits of increased communication with our families and among our staff, all the while greatly decreasing our environmental footprint each year. As soon as a swimmer masters a new skill, email communication will be immediately sent out to the parents! We are so excited that parents will receive frequent updates on their swimmers progression while their swimmer is still working on passing a level. Electronic history of your swimmer’s levels and attendance will also greatly improve making it easier to track and access.


Some of our families may already be transitioned to this new system, for everyone else we expect this to be fully implemented by February of 2014. Since all updates will be sent out through email, it is important that we capture your updated emails in the office. At lessons this week please stop by the office to add or update your email addresses.


Thank you to all of our amazing families, we are so very excited to bring this new system to Sea Otter Swim Lessons!


-Sea Otter Swim Lessons Staff