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Two years old seems too young for a child to learn and accomplish anything in swim lessons, right? If that’s what you’re thinking, we want to show you how much they can do at two!

Even the youngest swimmers can accomplish quite a bit in the water. Here are some of the skills that little ones can do in the pool, even when they are only two (or even younger)!

Sit and Wait

Every time kids come to swim lessons at Sea Otter, we start the lesson by having them sit on the steps and ask the instructor if they can come into the water. Kids are naturally curious and impulsive. Some kids wouldn’t hesitate to jump into a pool or go in for the toy that was left there, even if they are completely alone.

We want it to become second nature that you should always ask an adult before entering any body of water.

Back Float

Back floating is one of the most important skills for a swimmer to master! It can be a lifesaving skill at any age. If younger swimmers ever get into a body of water accidentally or without supervision, they can move to a back float until a parent finds them. Older swimmers can recover in a back float to prevent exhaustion and muscle fatigue in swimming. Back floating is a skill that swimmers will use throughout their lives and a skill you can use early on.

Jump in and Get Back to the Wall

Young toddlers can have some fun testing out their splashing skills as they jump into the pool. They’ll also work on their safety skills as they learn to return to the wall each time after jumping in. We always encourage them to reach for the wall or go to a back float after jumping in so it becomes habitual.


Holding onto the pool edge without an adult’s help is an important safety skill. Caterpillars teach kids to grab onto the ledge and travel to a safe spot in the pool where they can climb out. 

If a child ever falls into a pool we want them to get to the side and caterpillar to where they can safely climb out.


Learning to roll over helps swimmers safely roll onto their back when they need a break or get tired from swimming. This is an important skill because it teaches kids how to take a break in the water when they are tired and prevents them from panicking.

See how much they can do at two! Toddlers can really pick up some amazing skills in swim lessons, even from an early age!