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Wondering when the ideal time is to start your little one in swim lessons? Every child is different, so there might be different idyllic ages depending on your family and situation. We break down the benefits of starting at each age so you can decIde what is best for your future little fish!

4 months to 12 months

Did you know babies have an innate ability to hold their breath underwater? It’s a reflex that goes away at about 6 months. Four- and five-month olds usually don’t resist being put into a back float position either. It’s much easier to teach this skill before the child has mastered sitting up. While your tiny babe probably won’t be swimming across the pool, they will learn how to be comfortable in the water and enjoy bonding time with mom or dad.

12 months to 2 years

You’d be amazed at what kids as young as age 12 months can do in the water. At these ages, they can really start to learn some all-important safety skills. Many one-year-olds can jump into the water and and get back to the wall on their own. We have also seen several 18 month olds swim across the pool and rollover into a back float on their own.  

One important thing to know is that drowning is the leading cause of death for children 1-4 years of age. This is the age when it is essential that kids start learning safety in the water.

2 to 4 years

Now that your little one has their back float and rollevers nailed, they can start to learn swim strokes now! Around two is when they can learn the elementary backstroke. And, if they are comfortable in the water, around 3 and 4 they’ll start to be introduced to the breast and butterfly stroke. They can also start to dive to the bottom of the pool for rings.

4 years and up

If your child hasn’t had swimming lessons by now, we recommend signing them up ASAP! By now, they are capable of learning how to swim independently, rolling over to take a breath, and returning to the wall if they jump or fall in. Even after they master the basic skills, there are benefits to keeping bigger kids in swim lessons.

If you have a pool or are around water often, the earlier the better for swim lessons. Give us a call if you have any questions about the right timing for your child.