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Our highly trained swim instructors help set us apart from other swim lesson facilities. Our curriculum is based in childhood development and we update our program based on the United States Swim School Association. Each swim instructor completes 26 to 30 hours of Sea Otter in-water training and every staff member is also CPR and First Aid Certified.

We believe that children learn best when instruction is consistent, caring, and clear. That is why we ensure our instructors maintain a positive and encouraging attitude. Each instructor completes the same Sea Otter training, so if you ever have a substitute teacher, they will be able to pick up right where your regular instructor left off, and you can expect the same quality swim lesson.

For each additional swim program we offer, instructors complete additional in-and out-of-water trainings. This includes our parent tot and adaptive swim programs.

Our staff also attends annual conferences and trainings to help us continue learning childhood development and education in our industry.

We are committed to providing an environment where your child feels safe enough to try new things and accomplish their goals. Along with teaching children and adults how to be safer in and around water, we also introduce them to life skills of self-confidence, perseverance, and courage. We delight in the opportunity to love, invest in, believe in, build up, and teach each swimmer that comes to our pool.

We are looking to expand our team for the Spring! If you are friendly and encouraging and are interested in joining our team, apply today.