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swim session

Our two-week swim sessions are offered March through August and are an additional program we run at Sea Otter.


With the two-week sessions, you come at the same time every day for two consecutive weeks Tuesday through Friday. The price per lesson ($30/lesson) is the same as our perpetual program. You get two months of lessons packed into two weeks so swimmer’s can quickly build their swim skills.

Here’s why a swim session might be right for your swimmer.


Going on a family vacation

If you are headed to the water with your family this Summer, then you want your child to have some basic water safety skills. Completing one (or more) two-week sessions is a great way to prepare your swimmer for the family getaway. Coming each day for two weeks helps accelerate the learning process. Swimmers build on what they learned each day so they are able to pick it up quicker, meaning everyone enjoys the beach more.


Trying out for a summer swim team

Does your little one have their sights on joining the Loomis Basin Dolphins or Granite Bay Gators? Have them brush up on their swim skills by completing a two-week session. Each day their instructor can focus on stroke technique and refinement while helping them work on endurance so when tryouts come, they’ll be ready to go.


You want to expedite overcoming the fear

Is your little one afraid of the water? (Don’t worry. It’s very common.) Swim sessions can help them get over their fear quicker. Since they are coming to lessons and getting in the water daily, it becomes more normal and hopefully less scary sooner than if they were to only come once a week.


You want to keep them entertained

We love it when our kids are off from school, until they’re complaining to us that they’re bored. Enroll in a two-week session and they’ll have something to look forward to daily for those two weeks. Swim lessons are hard work, so everyone just might get an afternoon nap afterward as well.