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There is a lot of healthy competition in the swim lesson industry. We want to take a minute and toot our own horn and share with you why we think our swim lessons are more beneficial than a recreational or gym swim lesson program.

One-on-one attention

Our private lessons mean that your child gets the instructor’s undivided attention for the duration of the lesson. Your little one doesn’t have to sit on the side waiting their turn, or practice a skill while the instructor is only half paying attention. Their full lesson time is theirs and they will get 20 minutes to practice, practice, practice.


Encouraging submersions

We have heard that swimmers can go through a whole summer swim program through the city and never have to put their face in the water. At Sea Otter, our instructors will submerge your swimmers in a gentle way by their second lesson. We do this because we want to teach them the skills of what they should do after they come up from the water—roll to their back or swim to the wall. We believe these are two lifesaving skills and the only way swimmers can properly learn them is to practice.


Year-round swim lessons

Our lessons are offered year-round so swimmers can get ongoing lessons. Many recreational programs only offer lessons in the summer, which also means a freshly hired summer staff. Since our employees are with us throughout the year they are more experienced in teaching lessons and trained to help your kids get comfortable in the water.


Comprehensive Training program

Our extensive training program includes 26 to 30 hours of in- and out-of-water training so that all instructors are familiar and equipped to teach lessons the Sea Otter way. We also require instructors to have additional training to teach any of our specialty lessons, including adaptive and parent tot.


Family Owned

We are a family-owned business instead of a government-run/city program. We take pride in becoming part of our swimmer’s lives and providing a fun and safe environment for swimmers to learn. One of our Core Values at Sea Otter is “Everyone is Family.”


Many people call us to register and say the recreational swim program just didn’t help their child learn how to swim. We want to help your child get comfortable in the water and push past their fears so they can be safer in and around the water. Try one of our lessons today and you’ll see the difference!